Ma Musique A Moi (MP3)

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Personalized Music

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Listen to samples of these wonderful songs on this website, and get all seven songs with one convenient click. The entire set of songs will entertain your child for hours on end, and the best part is each song has an important message.

All the songs are sung to your child directly with his or her name repeated throughout the song. There is a song to help your child wake up, a song about sharing, a song about being nice to animals and pets, a song to encourage reading and also a sleepy time lullaby.

Buy it now, enjoy it now!

All songs available for individual purchase from this CD:
- Ma Musique A Moi (Track 1) : Bonjour
- Ma Musique A Moi (Track 2) : Les Animaux
- Ma Musique A Moi (Track 3) : Dehors
- Ma Musique A Moi (Track 4) : Dans la Voiture
- Ma Musique A Moi (Track 5) : L'Alphabet Chanson
- Ma Musique A Moi (Track 6) : J'apprend a Partager
- Ma Musique A Moi (Track 7) : Le Meilleur Costume
- Ma Musique A Moi (Track 8) : C'est l'Heure de Dormir

Full album also available on CD:
- Ma Musique A Moi (CD version)