Mi Propia Musica (MP3)

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Personalized Music

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The entire album will entertain your child for hours on end, as their name is sung over 40 times. Watch your little child's face light up as they sing and dance to all 8 songs.

We’ve incorporated the building blocks of education, as your child learns about ABC’s, Counting, Sharing, and more on this full length CD. There is a song to help your child wake up, a song about sharing, a song about being nice to animals and pets, a song to encourage reading and also a sleepy time lullaby.

All songs available for individual download from this album:
- Mi Propia Musica (Track 1) : Despierta
- Mi Propia Musica (Track 2) : Peces Y Ranitas
- Mi Propia Musica (Track 3) : Afluera
- Mi Propia Musica (Track 4) : Vamos en el coche
- Mi Propia Musica (Track 5) : La Canción del alfabeto
- Mi Propia Musica (Track 6) : La Canción del compartir
- Mi Propia Musica (Track 7) : El mejor disfraz
- Mi Propia Musica (Track 8) : Hora de Dormir

Full album also available on Compact Disc:
- Mi Propia Musica (CD version)