My Very Own Music (Track 1) - Wake Up

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This catchy tune will entertain your child while teaching them to establish good morning routines. Every time your child hears this song, he or she is encouraged to practice good hygiene habits, like brushing your teeth!

Time to start your day!
Make your bed, dress with care, brush your teeth, comb your hair

Each song is also available for individual MP3 download (click the links below):
- My Very Own Music (Track 1) : Wake Up
- My Very Own Music (Track 2) : Fishes and Froggies
- My Very Own Music (Track 3) : Outside
- My Very Own Music (Track 4) : Driving the Car
- My Very Own Music (Track 5) : The Alphabet Song
- My Very Own Music (Track 6) : The Sharing Song
- My Very Own Music (Track 7) : The Best Costume
- My Very Own Music (Track 8) : Sleepy Time

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- My Very Own Music (CD version)
- My Very Own Music (MP3 Download version)

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